“Design – Build – Installations”

“Historical Federal Court of Appeals Building Restoration Project”

 These Custom Copper Clad Windows are part of a Historical Restoration project of the Federal Court of Appeals Building in Atlanta, Georgia. These custom windows feature copper cladding on both the interior and exterior, True Divided Lites (TDL’s), and our Restoration Black hand rubbed Patina, all of which match the existing units built in 1910.

“Casement Windows with Copper Cladding on both Interiors and Exteriors”

This Premium Copper Clad casement window features true divided lites, copper cladding on both the interior and exterior, and a hand rubbed bronze patina.

“Custom Copper Entry with White Oak Interiors”

      Copper Windows and Doors are our Speciality. We’ve been Designing, Building, and Installing premium Custom Copper Windows and Doors since 1994. (Custom Entryway with Screen Door featured below – 2018)                               We bring you the most Unique and Distinctive European Style Copper Clad Window and Door Systems that have long been known for superior design and performance. Our Custom Copper Clad Windows and Exterior Doors are designed and built to the homeowners desired and exact specifications. (See Houzz for additional Copper Projects)

      In addition to windows and doors we also offer Timber Curtain Wall Systems (Montana install below). True craftsmanship and unique designs ensure the highest level of quality and workmanship possible.
       We have been, and always will be, dedicated to the quality of workmanship that ensures and maintains the highest standards when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. We’ve taken today’s innovations and combined it with unmistakable craftsmanship to create products and services that our customers will appreciate and enjoy.

“Bronze Clad Entry Door Unit with Knotty Cherry Interiors”

       This Custom Bronze Clad Entry door unit features Silicon Bronze exteriors with Knotty Cherry Interiors. The unit is 90″ wide and 108″ tall featuring sidelites and a 2 1/4″ x 48″ x 106″ eight panel door. The exterior bronze clad has a factory applied hand rubbed medium bronze patina. All of our door units are pre-hung using premium ballbearing hinges and can be custom machined for the customers choice of solid bronze entry hardware. In addition, our thresholds are custom made for all of our door units using anodized aluminum and white oak to ensure a proper seal at the sill.

Montana Resort Installation

Designed by Reid Smith, this Mountain Resort Project displays European Tilt Turn Windows and Doors. Along with the standard European Tilt Turn Windows and doors, the majority of this mountain resort home exhibits the classic  Timber Curtain Wall System vital to appreciate Montana’s spectacular and scenic mountain views.                                                                 (Article by OneKindesign)

South Shore Lake Tahoe

      This 7400 SF residence is another impressive architectural design by Kristi Thompson. Built by Gardner Construction, it boasts a 10′ x  32′ x 48′ Corner Meet Lift & Slide Exterior Pocket Door unit that is the focal point of this South Shore Lake Tahoe Custom Home. It allows the homeowner to look out over the beautiful shores of Lake Tahoe as well as capture the scenic views of the Sierra Nevada mountains.
      Similar to the other two Lift & Slide pocket door units, this unit is constructed using CVG (clear vertical grain) Douglas Fur with dark bronze aluminum clad on the exteriors. In addition, to enhance the architects design, we’ve installed these units using the FASTrack system which gives a clean and unencumbered look and appearance when in both opened and closed positions. Each of the 8 panels are 96″ wide and 120″ tall and when opened all slide out of view and into pockets.

Palm Springs, California – Indian Wells Golf Community

This Palm Springs, California Spanish Style home was built using our custom copper clad windows and doors. It features many oversized windows enabling the homeowner a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains and beautifully manicured landscaped Greens.

Reineke Sash & Door, LLC

Lawrence, Kansas Residence – Copper Clad Windows and Doors

       This 11,000 sq. ft. custom home (pictured below) boasts fine craftsmanship and exquisite architecture and is just one example of some of our work over the years. We manufactured and supplied the custom copper clad windows and exterior doors for this home when it was built in 1996. These photos of the interior and exterior were taken nearly 16 years after construction. Clearly our windows are as beautiful and functional today as they were when installed those many years ago.          We continue to strive for that same quality of workmanship and customer service we exhibited back then. Although we continue to offer copper as an alternative, our primary focus today are European style windows and doors. We’ve enthusastically embraced the German style, design, and quality that’s appreciated by our exclusive clientele. Click on the photo’s to view additional pictures of this home and our work. 

Reineke Sash & Door, LLC

Denver, Colorado Installation

    This particular window and door installation is located in Denver and were custom manufactured by suppliers in German. The windows and doors throughout this custom Mediterranean Style Home consists of distressed white oak on both the interior as well as the exterior and finished with Zobel’s dark walnut stained finish.

    An additional and unique feature integrated into the design of the windows is a custom Retractable Screen System that was built-in to all of the outswing operable window units. The concept behind this unique screen design is to insure the integraty of the withe oak interiors. Due to their sizes, and for shipping convenience, many of these units had to be assembled and glazed in the field and was done so by our experienced and professional installers.

Brushed White Oak
Windows & Doors:

Tilt-Turn Windows
Arch Top Transoms
Window Walls
French Balcony Doors
Arch Top Windows

Truckee, California Installation

      This custom home, located in the Lake Tahoe luxury resort of Martis Camp, was designed by Kristi Thompson with MWA, Inc. in 2014. We would like to show more detailed pictures of the custom installation but unfortunately interior views not available. To best describe our limited role in the construction of this custom home we were asked to address some of the more complicated issues involved in the installation of the custom European windows and doors.
Once again, as with many of the projects of this magnitude, the lift & slide unit used on this project was designed with the FASTrack threshold System. In this particular application the FASTrack system was used in combination with the standard European lift & slide track in order to accommodate the transition from hardwood flooring to tile.

 Windows and Doors:

Tilt-Turn Windows
Fixed Tilt-Turn Windows
Arch Top Direct Set
Transoms and Sidelites
Lift & Slide Doors
Single Balcony Doors
French Balcony Doors