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Custom Copper Windows & Doors

      Architectural Installations is a Northern Colorado based manufacturing and installation company that specializes in Copper Clad Windows and Exterior Doors. Originally established in 2005, we’ve since expanded our capabilities to include Timber Curtain Window Wall Systems, European Tilt Turn windows and doors and Speciality Glass products from Germany. Along with our Architectural Installations Services and Premium Copper Windows, we also manufacture distinctive custom German and Italian style window and door systems that have long been known for superior design and performance. Our window and door product line includes custom all wood, aluminum, bronze, and copper clad windows and doors made exactly to your specifications. True craftsmanship and unique designs ensure the highest level of quality and workmanship possible.

    In addition to European window and door systems we also offer, to architects and builders, speciality glass products for residential and commercial applications such as Ceramic-Coating, Digital Printing, Alarm Glass, and Oversized units as large as 18,000 x 3,210 mm. Furthermore, our speciality glass meets and exceeds performance specifications and standards required for US markets.

     As emphasized in our vision, Architectural Installations is, and always will be, dedicated to the quality of workmanship that ensures and maintains the highest standards when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. We’ve taken today’s technology and combined it with unmistaken craftsmanship to create a product our customers will appreciate and enjoy. We strive everyday to accomplish two goals at Architectural Installations, Quality of Workmanship and Excellence in Customer Service.

“Architectural Installations”

Robert (Bob) - Estimator
Robert (Bob) – Estimator

      As the owner of Architectural Installations I have always taken pride in what I’ve tried to accomplish over the years in the woodworking and construction industry. Our goal here is to maintain the highest quality of workmanship and customer service that is expected from the exclusive clientele we do business with.

I personally have more than 40 years of experience in the construction industry as a woodworker, window and door manufacturer, installer, and business owner. During this time I’ve owned and operated a custom cabinet and millwork shop, an architectural installation company as well as a custom copper clad window and door company that manufactured product for exclusive high end custom homes throughout the United States. We’ve custom built both European and domestic style copper clad windows and doors in all types of domestic and exotic hardwoods. I’ve traveled extensively over the years servicing and installing some of the most intricate and complicated European window and door system designs.

The years of experience in design, construction, manufacturing, and installations have given me a complete and thorough understanding of not only what is required but also what is needed and expected from architects, builders, and especially homeowners. When I speak about quality of workmanship and customer service and the importance of both it’s because I’ve experienced it first hand. As an employer and supplier of premium windows and doors for this exclusive home market I truly understand and ultimately hope that I represent these values. As you browse through this website I hope you can sense and appreciate the enthusiasm and dedication management and the employees of Architectural Installations have for what we do.